ABC – The Leading Dealer of Top-Notch Classroom Furniture

Advanced Business Concept LLC is a certified dealer of well-known brands dealing with school and classroom furniture, specializing in offering some of the best and most comfortable furniture products to cater to the comfort needs of children studying every day.

ABC offers a premier collection of furniture pieces for classrooms and universities from internationally reputed brands such as Herman Miller.

Better Learning with ABC’s exclusive classroom furniture

Right from building a classroom to a laboratory in a school, ABC helps schools, nurseries and universities in Dubai, UAE to create unique and spacious spaces that can establish a healthier and flexible learning environment. We at ABC offer an interesting mix of furniture and accessories that are specifically designed to create the environment required for active learning and growing inside classrooms or at a nursery.

Providing the right infrastructure to improve the educational system has always been one of the primary objectives of ABC. To keep up with the evolving trends of the education system and cater to advanced learning techniques, we offer the right infrastructure with lecture hall furniture and furnishings.

Choose ABC for a wide range of furniture products

ABC is a trustworthy and reputed furniture dealer in Dubai, UAE. We offer genuine furniture products for sale to improve the standards of learning spaces and rooms at schools and universities. Our extensive range of products offer quality and comfort and keeps things going with great productivity and efficiency.