Exclusive TRIBÙ products for the ideal living environment

With the aim of providing a relaxed yet energetic Tribu offers beautifully crafted and designed living space furniture products such as daybeds to add a unique feel to your working or living environment at homes and office.

As a result of fine skills and experience developed over the years, Tribu designs and manufactures some outstanding daybeds to fulfill the requirements of different working and living space environments.

Best TRIBÙ daybeds and furniture products brought to you by ABC

We are the leading dealers of Tribu’s intricately-designed daybeds and furniture products from other reputed brands and furniture manufacturers.

Visit our showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to witness an enormous range of good quality and compact daybeds, specifically designed to suit the comfort levels of every one.

Certified dealer of exclusive TRIBÙ daybeds in the UAE

As a reputed American furniture manufacturing company, Tribu is widely renowned for their impeccable living space products. With a proven record of selling some of the best, impressive and work-oriented furniture for living and workspaces such as tables and daybeds, ABC aims to improve the lifestyle and living culture and environment through our impressive range of furniture products in the UAE.