Walter Knoll’s stylish furniture for the hospitality industry

Founded in the year 1865, Walter Knoll has been leading the hospitality furniture industry with their impeccable designs to create a peaceful, relaxed and comfortable environment at hotels and resorts around the world.

At Advanced Business Concept LLC, we bring to you a premium collection of hospitality furniture, exclusive manufactured and designed by Walter Knoll. We are the ideal destination for high-quality, comfortable and appealing furniture specifically designed to live up to the standards and lifestyle of hospitality industries such as hotels and restaurants in and around Dubai, UAE.

We are a leading Walter Knoll furniture dealer for hospitality in UAE

Walter Knoll gives the perfect example of furniture in its most attractive form through their range of collaborative furniture and seating products. ABC makes it easier for customers to lay their hands on the best seating furniture in the region of UAE and establish a sense of creativity in their living space environment of hotels and restaurants.

ABC offers the best hospitality furniture in Dubai

We bring out the best of Walter Knoll office seating furniture and products to liven up hospitality spaces and surroundings.

To witness the exclusivity of ABC’s high-end range of seating and other hospitality furniture products, visit our showrooms in Dubai, UAE or get in touch with us to grab one of these comfortable, appealing and detail-oriented furniture for your hotel or restaurant.