ABC’s world-class living furniture by Walter Knoll

Manufacturing quality office furniture since 1865, Walter Knoll has become an established brand for high-quality office furniture and other living furniture products for corporate houses around the world.

Advanced Business Concept brings the chosen collection of some of the best living furniture products to help utilize empty spaces at your workplaces efficiently and amicably.

Largest provider of living furniture in the UAE

ABC offers an outstanding range of living furniture and products, specially designed by Walter Knoll to suit the environment of different workplaces. This has made us grow into being one of the leading and largest dealers of Walter Knoll living furniture in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We try to bring out innovative concepts and stylized living furniture into each and every workplace in the UAE. While the pricing of our living products is more appealing than the high-end design itself, our office living products are an ideal example of comfort, relaxation and health maintenance at your workplace.

Choose us for the largest variety of living furniture

Give your workplace something unique and engaging with ABC’s variety of living furniture and products. Our finest range of furniture has been designed and manufactured with a keen eye to details and infusing health, fitness and ergonomic qualities into one relaxed and a comfortable living piece for the office.

Experience a brand new and innovative range of living furniture and other office items at either our Dubai or Abu Dhabi showroom. As one of the leading office furniture provider in the UAE, we are sure to not disappoint you.